About Us

I’m not launching a new venture,

     I’m launching a movement! 

               I want to help people realize their dreams!

Every day I hear how the economy is improving or not:

  • One day housing starts are up (but only investors are buying);

  • Next day insourcing is increasing (because the wages of third world employees are growing faster than ours);

  • Manufacturing is back (but demand is down);

  • Dow Jones is over 15,000 points (but we’re waiting for the correction),

  • Unemployment is decreasing (until Dept. of Labor recalculates),

  • More companies are hiring (allowing professionals from oversea to fill the openings).

Like pieces of a puzzle we fit them into some economic model. But they are not happening together and they are not lasting:

In reality, strong, effective sustained economic growth is hindered by ineffective government policies and agendas, no bipartisanship, no effort to resolve issues, no government for the people.

Economic growth is further hindered by an inept financial system. Having spent billions of taxpayer dollars to bail these institutions out of insolvency, caused primarily by their environment of greed, they have significantly increased their standards of what a “creditworthy” business is, leaving over 22 million business out in the cold because they cannot get loans.

Put together they generate instability in business, increasing perceived risk and setting in motion cautionary business decisions.

This is not a recovery! It is decimation of the middle class and the American Dream!

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