The Financing Option for when your Bank says “NO

According to the National Small Business Association over 22 million businesses are unable to get adequate financing.

Since the economic crisis, many banks appear unable or unwilling to lend affordable capital to any business that doesn’t meet their extremely high standards of a “creditworthy” business.

Welcome to the Financing Option when your Bank says “NO”.

RK&S Funding Solutions has established 3 funding sources that enable us to provide the specific financial options to enable your business to expand and succeed.

No need to go from bank to bank begging for funding, with one funding package we can choose the funding arrangement that is best for your business!

RK&S Funding Solutions is the online marketplace harnessing technology to dramatically simplify the execution of commercial transactions, including all loan origination and sales.

Our funding sources enable RK&S Funding Solutions to revolutionize how deals get done by seamlessly connecting all parties, including lenders, borrowers, franchisors, investors, buyers and sellers to a potential transaction and facilitating the efficient completion of these transactions.


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