Financial Planning for Life


Planning your Financial Life By Reducing Unexpected Changes and Modifying the Plan Through Each Stage of Your Life!

RK&S Financial Planning is based on four important factors: change, time, your concept of Money and your goals and dreams.

  • Change is important because your goals and dreams change over time and your plan has to be modified to recognize these changes and provide for them.

  • Time is important because of the time value of money. Generally, the more time you let your money grow, the more money you will have.

  • Your Concept of Money is important because it determines what money means to you. Is it success, is it prestige, is it something to bring instant gratification, is it something to lock away and say I have it.


As Certified Financial Planners, we believe it serves 3 purposes:

  • To help fund goals and dreams that you have established as important.

  • To be available in case of emergencies.

  • To invest into financial instruments so that it grows and is able to be used for goals and emergencies.

And while these are all good, people would still rather spend on immediate gratifications rather than save to fund goals.

People would rather make bad decisions in the hopes of getting rich fast rather than analyzing potential opportunities.

Our financial planning strives to combat greed and impetuousness in the belief that your life is more fulfilling if you accomplish your goals and dreams.


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